Optimum® GLY FAQ

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Learn more about the Optimum® GLY trait from Corteva Agriscience with detailed answers on how Optimum® GLY canola delivers top yield potential and agronomic performance.

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What is Optimum® GLY?

Optimum® GLY is a new herbicide tolerance trait that delivers enhanced weed control and a wider window of herbicide application, giving canola growers greater spray convenience and flexibility for more effective overall weed management.

What are the major benefits of Optimum® GLY?

Optimum® GLY unlocks the genetic potential of canola hybrids by allowing agronomic traits to perform without a herbicide impact on yield potential. Canola hybrids with the Optimum® GLY trait offer improved crop safety with the ability to spray at the optimal time and rate, enhanced annual and broadleaf weed control (which helps farmers better manage resistance and herbicide rotations), plus a wider herbicide application window to maximize weed removal options – all features that help growers adapt to weather conditions and achieve better weed control through more choice and flexibility, keeping fields clean and maximizing genetic potential. 

Why is a wider window of application important for today’s canola growers?

Being able to spray past the 6-leaf stage gives canola growers more flexibility in application timing, which means they have more options to achieve maximum weed removal. The wide window offers more time to cover large acres or to clean up late flushes of weeds without risking a yield impact from late-season application. 

Can I use glyphosate on Optimum® GLY? What is the recommended and maximum rate of glyphosate that can be applied?

Yes, you can use approved glyphosate on Optimum® GLY canola. You can apply up to 2 REL/acre of glyphosate per season, from cotyledon to 1st flower. You can opt to apply this amount in 1 application, or in 2 sequential applications (up to 1 REL/acre each) at least 14 days apart. For optimum weed control, it is recommended to spray the required amount of glyphosate as early as possible.

How do I know Optimum® GLY will perform in my region?

Optimum® GLY trials conducted across multiple seasons and geographies in Western Canada ensure local performance. In over a decade of field trials, Optimum® GLY canola hybrids have performed as well or better than other commercial hybrids in terms of yield, agronomics and disease protection. 

What yield performance can I expect?

New canola hybrids with the Optimum® GLY trait offer the same trusted performance, high yield and profit potential that Western Canadian growers expect for profitable canola production. 

How does Optimum® GLY differ from RoundUp Ready® canola?

The new Optimum® GLY trait offers a wider window of application, increased crop safety and enhanced broadspectrum control of both annual and perennial weeds.

How does Optimum® GLY compare to TruFlex™ canola?

Optimum® GLY herbicide tolerance system uses a different gene within the canola plant compared to the TruFlex mode of action. However, the label rates and crop staging for herbicide application remain the same for both systems.

What if I have split fields with other trait systems already in place?

If your other trait system is TruFlex, you can spray the same label rates across both fields. If the other trait is Roundup Ready, you will need to observe different herbicide application stages, OR you will need to spray at the RR1 rate instead of the Optimum® GLY rate. 

How does the cost of Optimum® GLY compare to TruFlex or other herbicide tolerant canola systems?

Optimum® GLY is competitively priced with other canola herbicide packages in the marketplace. 

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